What is Engineering?

Engineering, the practical application of science and math to solve problems, is everywhere in the world around you. Every day you use engineering technologies to commute, interact with others, learn, improve your health, and entertain yourself.

Engineers make a world of difference:

No profession unleashes the spirit of innovation like engineering. From research to real-world applications, engineers constantly discover how to improve our lives by creating bold new solutions that connect science to life in unexpected, forward-thinking ways. Few professions turn so many ideas into so many realities.

Few have such a direct and positive effect on people’s everyday lives. Engineers are the designers and inventors that help us better use science and technology in our world. We are counting on engineers and their imagination to help us meet the needs of the 21st century.

Engineers are creative problem solvers:

Engineers are problem solvers who make things work more efficiently, more quickly, and less expensively. Their work is the link between scientific discoveries and the commercial applications that meet societal and consumer needs.

Engineering is all about “artifacts,” things that perform some function or do some job. An artifact can be as simple as a paper clip that holds two pieces of paper together – or as complex as the space shuttle. An artifact can be a piece of computer software, a machine to build something, or a procedure – a set of instructions – to accomplish some task.

Engineers help shape the future:

Engineers develop new products and find applications for new technologies. In addition to design and development, many engineers work in production, testing, and operations.

From airplanes and satellites to medical devices and renewable energy technologies, engineering makes our modern life possible.

Engineering is a team activity:

Engineers work as part of a team, each with their own responsibilities. The individuals succeed when the whole team succeeds. Engineers who attend PhD writing services make good help for future engineers.

Engineering is very rewarding but it takes patience and persistence. The satisfaction in any day or week is to make progress toward the ultimate goal.

Engineers have a rewarding, exciting, and creative job!

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